Thursday, April 7, 2016

For parents and kids : The Little Gym

I am currently searching for a place where my child can be exposed to activities, and friends. Not the classroom-books oriented kind of thing, but a more active and interactive classes since she is just 2 years old.

I came across one child development centre, The Little Gym .

It has few branches, one of it is in Encorp Strand Mall, Kota Damansara. So that's quite near to my place. Few classes categories provided, classes will be once a week of different themes every week, and a practice class (not compulsory)  once a week. So that will be about two classes per week.

As the name itself,the classes are more of the conducted gym activities for kids, and also sports classes, so you can choose which your kids prefer to attend. So do not expect any story telling sessions or things like that. I really like the idea though, since this is the age where the kids get really active and sometimes too extreme.

From my point of view; the pro (s) :
- for my kid's age they provide parent/kid classes, so we dont have to leave them alone to do the activities, and we can be more involved, great bonding session i must say!
- different themes every week , so kids will not be bored with the same set ups.
- It is an indoor area, which means Aircond! Haha its too hot (not warm anymore) outside.

Also from my point of view ; The con (s) :
- the classes will only be twice a week (one is not compulsory) and there is no walk-in visits, you know sometimes i would like to bring them in any day just to play/stuff like that.
- i have another baby (9 months) who will be tagging in wherever and whenever i go, so unles my husband can bring in the sister for the class, then it should be ok. But for now, it is not practical for us.

So i will keep this as one of the many choices for now. But there's one more thing that excites me the most. They have FREE CLASSES FOR BUGS (4-10 months) !! The only fee you have to pay will be RM170 which is the yearly fee, and the fee is for the whole family. I mean only pay once for the yearly fee for the whole siblings! Cool. 

The bugs classes are held on weekdays and weekend. So you can choose which day you are free to join, once a week. I am really into this, but again bringing my own Bug means i need yo bring along my Beast (the sister) and the class can not accomodate both at the same time with one parent. I am so sad. Sad. Sad. Haha. 

Bugs classes they focus on building their muscles, their strength. Its a 45 minutes parent/baby session so if you are looking for things to do why not right? It does not cost that much. And you have to know that the place is super comfy, and clean. Why not? 

Well, why dont you give them a call, or better if you give them a visit. You will be as thrilled as i am!  
Who wouldn't want to provide the best for their kids right. Well best wishes mommies! 

Hugs, have a nice day. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Launching of Self-Service laundry & A Birthday Party

Happy Wednesday!

Last weekend we had a chance to attend a launching of a new self-service laundry cum Birthday Party of the owner's son!

Eco Green Laundry Bukit Jelutong 
8, Jalan N U8/N,
Bukiy Jelutong, Seksyen U8,
40150 Shah Alam, 

It is a brilliant location, as it is somewhat near to Space U8, and there is a carwash and a mamak retaurant ( restoran Al-Ali Bistro) at the corner! While you wash, you can wash your car, and have some coffe with roti canai! Multi-tasking Malaysian style. Hehe.

It was a great event as there were lucky draw, hosted by Nabil and Angah Raja Lawak, lots of games and prizes, and also great food!

The birthday party was also very exciting, as they chosed Star Wars as their theme, so decorations, goodie bags, and families & friends were there in Star Wars related costumes! Cool huh! And i found out that their gorgeous set of Candy Buffet was arranged by Cradle & Dais and everything nice On FB or known as @the.wkndrs on instagram. Do peek on their pages, and feast your eyes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Out of passion, and interest ; Super Shopper Mommy.


Am making a comeback again. Hopefully this time i will be more dedicated to the blog, inspired by all those blogger mommies out there!

Need a space to jot down all the events in life, since the not-so-long memory i have over here. I would want to remember those bits and pieces of those interesting events, few years from now. And hopefully could benefit some people out there too!

I am no longer a working mom, except that i do work at home taking care of the kids, and sometimes been hanging around the new place @supershoppermommy at instagram and  Super Shopper Mommy  facebook, just to get the  social life uptodate. Haha. So check it out.


Out of passion and interest, i created a space for me to deliver those handcrafts of mine, i make babystuff using especially designer cotton fabrics, which are 100% cotton and with very nice prints. I am a fabric freak too, going into a fabric store is madness! I could bring back tonnes of prints, for no reason.

Well, I have tonnes to write about, hopefully i have the time to scribble them down here!

Till then. Hugs!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello blog, hello world.

I have totally forgotten about the blog.

But now that i need a space to make a travel journal,
I guess i will make use of this again!

Will be seeing you again, blog.
I miss writing...wait, i am too occupied nowadays to write, but really,
I miss typing. Haha.

Ok till then, pictures and more ramblings coming up soon!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun places in Ipoh

Had the chance to visit Ipoh last week, since we attended our good old friend's wedding. Never had the chance before to explore Ipoh. So we used the one night stay till the very last bit of it. Haha.

I found that Ipoh is a small town, compared to KL obviously. Yet the surrounding is so beautiful. You can see mountains and hills from the Banjaran Titiwangsa i guess. And lots of trees. The air definitely is fresher than KL!

Ok here are some suggestion of where you should head to in Ipoh. We used the GPS, and it helped us a lot!

GUNUNG LANG RECREATIONAL PARK ( Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang )

Beautiful recreational park few minutes from the town, located at Jalan Kuala Kangsar. One of the best park i have ever been to, altho we were there a bit late. I enjoyed the scenery very much.

There's boat service provided to take you to the centre of the preserved park, where all the great activities are. They have kids playground, ostriches and deers, i think. Since we were late and the boat service ended, we just stayed at the entrance site. The fee will be around rm3 per pax, i am not that sure. The service starts at around 8am till 630pm. You HAVE to try this!

While we were sulking at the so called pier, we enjoyed watching people feeding the giant Koi and Catfish. GIANT. I MEAN HUGE. Never seen one like that before. I was amazed, real good.


The famous Nasi Lemak served with fried Ayam Kampung, located at Jalan Yang Kalsum, if i am not mistaken, but definitely opposite to the Ambank.

Yes, they were really good. The chicken, the sambal, everything tasted 'right' with one another.

Tho the meal really impressed me, our drinks on the other hand, reached us AFTER we ate everything all up! They claimed there's too many customers. Duhh. -___-'

They served other meals like Ketam Goreng Kunyit, and all.

Each Nasi Lemak with Ayam Kampung costs around rm8.

PASAR KARAT ( Flea Market )

This one, is my obsession. Love exploring flea markets anywhere. And i found out they had one of the biggest flea market in Ipoh, called Pasar Karat. Definitely amazing. And true, its big. BIG. They operates between 7am to 10am, but depends on visitors i think. We were there early.

Lots of antique stuffs, new & secondhand items, and all the things you can find at a flea market. Especially food. I heard the Mi Rebus there is famous, did not try it tho'.
All in all, i went back with few great stuff at a super saving cost. Great bargains!


This place is about 20 minutes from Ipoh Town. Historical, and beautiful.

Long story short, The story goes something like this, a man i called Mr.Kelly build this house or castle for his family after their long-waited son was born. But a disease struck Malaya at that time and caused about 80 of his workers who were building the castle, died. And so the constructions ceased. *for more accurate story, google them* haha.

The place is well maintained, and clean. Entrance fee is applicable.

Hope the suggestions help. Hihi. Okay, so thats our Ipoh Story. Whats yours?
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reading lyrics.

Trying to continue on my passion for music. My goal is to at least know something about everything. And here i am, knowing a little bit of something about strumming, plucking, and reading lyrics aloud! Any complaints? Nah. I care less.

Oh. And my baby guitar tuned 8 year-old this year! You're all grown up. Aww <3

Here's current favourite : Primadonna by Marina & The Diamonds.

Try on with the chords, simple yet so fun. :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Travelogue : Penang Tour

Two days back i was flown right after work straight to Penang, by the husband. Yes. For a very short trip. So it turned out to be a Penang Food Tour instead. Luckily we had the car to move around.
Stayed at Copthorne Orchid, simply because it reminds me of my KiwiLand tour last year, hehe.
Ok so here's what we had in Penang.
Since i don't really know how to differentiate between all the Nasi Kandar, this one s nice. And cheap. For two sets of Nasi and drinks, it sums up to only rm12! Wallawehhh even Teh Ais in KL costs rm1.70!
Its a small retaurant facing a mall, not sure whats the name. Well, gps it! Eheh.
Located at the center of the town, opposing the Police Station and Mydin. We parked in front of Komtar, for rm2 per entry.
Here is the famous spot for Pickles shopping! All the shops would be selling the same colorful Pickles, for slightly different prizes. Don't forget to buy Sos Jeruk Mak Bee - the famous Pickles dipper sauce!
Here also you can find the unique window sherbet ( Ais Tingkap ) - a mixture of rose syrup, coconut drink and Selasih. Super nice and costs only rm 1.50!
Together with it, order a set of Cucur for rm2.10 for a combination of Cucur, Tofu and Cucumber. Thumbs up!
Well, thats all we could consume for few hours, the tummy felt like bursting, heheh.
A stop at Queensbay Mall is recommended. You can have the view of Pulau Jerejak and Penang Bridge from the bay. Nice, especially in the evening, with your family. There's few stalls selling food and drinks.
Other than that, next time i shall write again, because we shall return again soon.
Happy Food Hunting!